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An Association of Professional Investigators striving for Higher Standards

The Louisiana Private Investigators Association was founded to promote and to maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of private investigators.   You are invited to take the time to browse through our site and learn about the LPIA.  You will find information about Louisiana private investigators, LPIA member benefits, history, events and links of interest. We are a non-profit professional trade organization and not a licensing authority. 

If you are interested in becoming licensed and want to learn the details of being licensed, contact the  Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners.*





*The LPIA is not associated with the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners.  We are a professional membership organization.  We display their contact information here as a service to our members and the general public

Thank you! for visiting our website. 

We hope that you take the time to browse through our site and learn about the LPIA.  You will find information about Louisiana private investigators, LPIA member benefits, history, events and links of interest. 

  • Please visit the About Us page for Our Creed and our Code of Ethics followed by a listing of the current Officers.
  • For more formation about LPIA, please visit our Resources page where the organization's officials documents can be found, as well as our history, a listing of our Committees, and the Awards we give. 
  • For membership information, please visit our Membership page.



LPIA Newsletter

In years past the LPIA published its own newsletter highlighting membership activities, articles for/by private investigators, contact information, advertising from Continuing Education providers and/or "spyware" retailers, and a multitude of other information or items related to the industry that might be useful to our membership or Louisiana Private Investigators. Our past publications included all four of the LPIA Regions - but it requires both commitment and a bit of "free labor". We have lacked the necessary resources, skills, or membership participation for a "dry spell", but recently several members have stepped forward to fill leadership roles that have been vacant. (See our new Roster of Officers on this site)

 One of those members, our President, Larry Graffeo, has produced - and distributed - the LPIA's first Newsletter in some time. This publication originally only covered Region 2, but is slated to grow in future issues. Do you have any useful information you would like to share with the membership or private investigative industry? Didn't get your copy of this very useful publication? You may also view the newsletter on our NEWS page on this site. 

For the time being, you only need to contact Larry Graffeo, CCIP at Janus One Investigations, LLC  via email: You may be more pleasantly surprised than you thought you'd be!

2015 Food Drive 

The LPIA held a Regional Contest in conjunction with the Acadiana FOOD NET during June, with the smallest Region - Region 4 -under the Directorship of Billy Woods, of ELITE INVESTIGATIONS, Ringold Louisiana, winning top honors. In all the LPIA contributed just over 400 pounds of food items to this year's FOOD NET Drive. Ms. Julie LaFlure, Director of the Acadiana FOOD NET program extended her congratulations and thanks to all of the LPIA membership participating in our contest - and hopes to see us back again next year. It sounded more like a challenge to me!

As the membership was previously informed via personal e-mail, the winning Region of this contest would be hosting a Bar-B-Que to celebrate and meet other regional membership. As it has turned out, for the first time in membership history, Region 4's win gives rise to a scheduling conflict with a Summer Meeting, previously in the works to be held in Region 4 - a fish fry and day of "fun in the sun" to take place on July 25th. Good problem to have - who doesn't like Bar-B-Que'd fish?

Billy will work it out - with a little feed back from the membership with ideas as to potential attendance and what YOU would like to have considered added to this event. This is a general membership meeting with the objective of meeting/making friends in the industry and sharing a day of fun, games and food. Best of all - it will be free to active members, and a minimal fee for non-members, guests or others you may want to invite. 

Watch this site or for additional information to follow by e-mail as the particular details for this event get confirmed as part of the event which will be held on July 25th - so keep the date open and plan to party with us on the river in Shreveport that weekend. If you would like to help organize this event you can contact Billy Woods at (318) 286-3111 or Charles Bryant at (337) 804-2806.

  • Don't Gripe About How Things ARE Unless YOU Want To Bring Change The LPIA Annual Officer Elections are held in October.  We all have opinions - why keep them to yourself? What changes would you like to see in the structure of YOUR professional association? As a Private Investigator what do you feel we, as a professional trade organization, can give back to our community, our state, our profession?  Sadly, our association has so much wasted and untapped potential to impact our profession, and indirectly our own lives, an adequate measure or comparison is impossible. That loss to our State - to our profession - can be cured. Toss YOUR hat into the ring and take a leadership role.

    All offices of the LPIA Board are open to any active member.

    Not afraid to speak what is on your mind? Not afraid of a little competition? Not afraid of a little commitment? Want your profession, your business, your personal skills to grow? Then don't wait for "the next fellow" to tell you how to get it done. Step up, display your leadership talent to our Association, to the Louisiana Private Investigative Industry, to yourself! There has never been a faster path to success in life, a path requiring the least work and financial resources, than by constant exposure in a leadership role in a trade, civic, or political organization. 

    The LPIA is YOUR organization. You can sit back, as a member, and simply pay dues and hope for the best - or you can assume a leadership role and contribute to the path our Organization and profession develops. This is not something that can be accomplished by seven or even twenty people. The old cliche "there is strength in numbers" still rings true. For our organization to have true strength, we do not merely need "numbers" of members - but members of leadership quality. Members willing to display that leadership quality in the form of service. If we all work together for the same ultimate goal - it does not require more commitment than an hour or two per month. Who would be unwilling to trade two hours of your free time per month in exchange for state-wide recognition of your character, your skills, your personal business entity?  

    Elections are coming up in October. Now is the time to step up! If you are interested in becoming a member of the LPIA this site make it easy and convenient take that step right now. If you are an active member, and are interested in taking on the responsibilities of a leadership role in our Association, please contact Ed Roy, President, and register 
    your intent and desire to be considered by the general membership for any office on the LPIA Board.

    Be part of our growth - Become an LPIA Officer

    A word from our President...

    It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to our Louisiana Private Investigator Association’s home on the web!

    Transitions! As we enter 2016, let us hope that we as an association continue to strive in making the LPIA a great resource for all private investigators in the state of Louisiana.

    It is my honor to have been selected as the new President of your Louisiana Private Investigators Association. As we transition into our new year, I would like to gratefully thank Mr. Ed Roy, our outgoing President, for all of his help and guidance during his tenure as the LPIA President.   I would also like to thank the rest of the Board members and Mr. Roy’s Administrative Assistant for all of their hard work during the last year.

    I was thrilled to listen to the ideas that were presented at the October meeting. For those of you that could not attend, the meeting was very upbeat and positive. Everyone in attendance was focused on growing our organization, giving back to our members, reviewing state laws pertaining to our industry and much more.

    We have a number of Board positions that are in need of being filled. I would ask that you please consider stepping up and taking over one of the positions. You would be helping the LPIA, other private investigators, and of course, yourself. This is your organization so why not become more involved in your industry?

    I look forward in working with all LPIA members as we work together legislatively and professionally to advocate for the needs of the private investigative industry. I would like to see 2016 be a year of growth, education and a new chapter in the life of the Louisiana Private Investigators Association. We cannot do this without your help. Step up and get involved. The more ideas that we have, the more we will grow. Reach out to other investigators that are not part of our organization. Ask them to consider joining.

    As we move forward, I hope that the great ideas that were voiced at the October meeting will become reality. I believe that our members do care about their industry and will help the LPIA become larger and stronger. It will be a privilege to meet and work with our members to achieve the goals of the LPIA. My aim is to build on what each President has achieved in their time before me.

    I am excited to have the privilege and honor to serve you and join the rest of the Board through new challenges and opportunities during the next year.

    Larry M Graffeo

    LPIA President