Benefits of Membership in LPIA

What Do You Get For Your Membership Fee?
You pay your money!  But is it worth it?


  • Membership in an Exclusive Association - Membership is restricted to licensed private investigators where licensing is required, and members must agree to conduct their business affairs under a code of ethics that sets our membership apart from the typical private investigator.  Being a member of the LPIA is a privilege based upon your hard work to achieve the success of being a professional private investigator.

The LPIA was the first association and is the ONLY Non-Profit Association for Private Investigators in the State of Louisiana.  The Louisiana Law that established the State Board of Private Investigators authorized the LPIA to submit a list of candidates to be selected by the Governor as a "member at large" to be appointed on the Licensing Board. This list of candidates is normally selected from among LPIA members.  This gives members a voice in how the Louisiana State Board conducts the regulation process. 

  • Online Members Directory - Members in good standing are listed online on our MEMBER'S DIRECTORY which is available to the public to help advertise your services and show the public that you ARE a member of the Louisiana Private Investigator's Association. Your listing is included with your membership and will remain valid as long as your membership remains valid.  It shows the world that you take the profession seriously! The LPIA website is a great resource for members as well as the public seeking private investigators. 
  • Marketing Advantages - Our web traffic log shows that as of November 2, 2009 our current traffic to the website is in excess of 160 hits per day.  Use Google to search for a Louisiana Private Investigator and the LPIA website will typically be the first entry shown.  Having your agency as a member of the LPIA provides you a decided advantage.  Here's how:  When you visit the home page of the LPIA, you will notice right at the top, in the center of the page a link that asks, " Do you want to hire an Investigator?".  When a user clicks on this link, they are presented with a search form that allows them to search for private investigators by City, State, Partial Zip Code and several other ways, returning a list of private investigators that meet their search criteria.  Only licensed private investigators are on this search form.

This list is searchable as well....well worth your membership dues alone...but there's more!  

  • Networking Opportunities - LPIA members can network with private investigators throughout the state.  When you are networking with another member of the LPIA, you know that this person has agreed to follow the same standards that you do.  Members typically would rather refer business and share information with other LPIA members than non-members.
  • Legislative Monitoring - Through a collective effort, the LPIA monitors and updates the membership regarding proposed, pending or enacted legislation which affects the private investigative industry. From time to time, we may also put the call out for members to write their representatives on important issues to help keep our industry safe from unfair controls and burdens on investigators.
  • Conventions and Educational Seminars - LPIA presents regional seminars throughout the state which members can attend at reduced rates.  Our Educational Seminars are approved and valid for application toward the required continuing education requirements to renew your Louisiana License, and while open to everyone, Members pay a much reduced rate to attend and receive advance notice. These events offer networking, training and continuing education to our membership.
  • Satisfaction of Supporting your Industry - WE NEED YOU!  Your membership dues makes all this happen.  Together, we make a strong voice for all Louisiana Private Investigators, through our centralization, coordination, and distribution of data, information, ideas, and knowledge and methods to improve the efficiency and professionalism of the private investigative business.